Safety for all

The Trump Threat

Governments have slaughtered Innocent civilians through all of history. Millions have died.

Most were murdered at the hands of White Fascists

It is only by banding together in Our California Sanctuary that we can be safe. There, no one can touch us.

Look at Recent History

In 1953 the people of Germany rose up against the white occupiers and were crushed. Tens of thousands were slaughtered.

In 1956 the White Pigs returned and slaughtered tens of thousands in Hungary.

Closer to Home

Endless stories of brutality against us and those like us pour in every day from across the country. But even here in the Golden State, atrocities occur day in, day out.


In the Watts Conflict for Freedom and Justice, thousands were killed and entire city blocks purposely burned to the ground. Much of these Afro-American areas of Los Angeles have yet to recover even 50 years later. The people have been enslaved.

Rodney King

When an innocent unarmed Black Man named Rodney King was beaten half to death by Pigs, the people of the community rose up and the Pigs killed hundreds. The true death toll has been kept secret even to this day and the dead were buried in distant unmarked graves.

Willie McCoy

20-year-old rapper Willie McCoy was fatally shot by police officers while he was sleeping in his car. McCoy is yet another victim of racial profiling, in a case where there was no attempt to try to work out a peaceful solution.

Fascism Rules America!

We must understand that America is based upon FASCISM! This country is based upon Whites enslaving everyone else. Government and Big Business control the masses.

This is all very easy to prove.

Pictures do not lie!

The main symbol of Fascism is the Fasces which is a bundle of sticks with a hatchet in the middle. The hatchet is used to behead the innocent. This emblem represents the enslavement of the downtrodden by the Whites.

If we even just glance at the room used by the United States Congress and look at its podium we see these symbols of White Domination on the wall plated in gold and almost 20 feet high!

Symbol of White Supremacy for all to see!
A close up of these evil symbols of hate!

Trump’s Threat is Real!

It’s only by banding together in one secure location that we can finally be safe! It’s only by massing our forces in one location that we will have the power to stop these murderers from wiping us off this earth!

The people we love are crying!