Viva Aztlan!

As America’s whites die off and this land is flooded with the peoples of the world, we of the Brown Continent must be warned. We must be vigilant. We must steel ourselves for the battle to come.

While the white man’s maps show our coming victory; it is not yet secure.

To inspire Our People to flood north and reconquer the lands of our Fathers, Absolut and its advertising firm TERAN showed the glory that was once ours before the Gringo stole it.

Absolut Vodka is a product of Sweden. Sweden is a Northern country of Europe that has embraced the true heart of the Immigrant and has welcomed immigrants by the hundreds of thousands. Today such cities as Malmö, Sweden celebrate more than 80% immigrant populations and are centers of power for those immigrants. Immigrant power now rules Sweden. Sweden does not require them to work and yet they receive as much as $100,000 a year in pay and benefits for each immigrant family.

Sweden has a population of less than 10 million yet it can support immigrants in a style never seen before at any time in world history. What’s exciting about this situation is that the immigrants now control the government of Sweden. The immigrants run the schools and even control the government’s own department that maintains the thousand year historical record of the country. Soon that history will be erased and the people of Sweden will look only forward to a diverse non-white future. Once these lands are stabilized, then Norway and Finland and Denmark will come under the Power of Diversity.


At the heart of those stolen lands shown in the Absolut advertisement (below) are the giant bay of San Francisco and the rich gold reserves of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Absolut advertisement published in Mexico


In 1970 under Governor Jerry Brown’s first term, California had a population of 20 million whites, 3 million Afro-Americans, and 2 million Hispanics.

As Governor Jerry Brown left office and retired in 2019, California had a population of 20 million whites, 3 million Afro-Americans, and 22 million Hispanics.

We must understand that these 20 million more Hispanics did not come from “legal” immigration or from children born in the state. California greeted more than 400,000 Hispanics each and every year for 40 years and they came across the fake American border and flooded in to California to take control and RULE!

Politicians around the world know of the death of America and its whites. Even the President of Mexico has sent his regards to the Norte Americanos:


Flooding Imperial County on the Southern edge of California with farm workers where the unemployment rate is even 47% does not give us the power we need.

The migrant workers in the vast central San Joaquin Valley have created another Mexico but that does not give us the power we need.

To control and to bring wealth to our families we must flood the nine counties of the California Sanctuary Zone. If those nine counties were a country they would be richer than Mexico itself and one of richest countries on earth!

For the record, the USA is number one in wealth and Absolut’s Sweden is 19th.

Mexico is 20th on the list.

Yes, the small country of Sweden with less than ten million people is richer than all of Mexico with its 130 million people.

By filling the nine counties of the Sanctuary Zone with the people of the Brown Continent, the peoples now within those lands suddenly become richer than all of Mexico itself!

With Google and Apple and Facebook and Twitter and Youtube and even Amazon right there and the money flooding in by the hundreds of billions; that is the promised land and there is where we must be.

Just 75 miles away from San Francisco is California’s capitol of Sacramento. The political power for the state and much of the entire United States resides there. As part of the nine counties of the Sanctuary, we will rule there as well.

Hispanics in the United States