The Sanctuary blog


Composting (June 2019)

Burying yourself in a box is toxic and poisons Mother Earth. The alternative is wholesome and right for us all.

Surrender to Aztlan (May 2019)

The American Army is weak. Mexico has proven it.

Fecal Snow (April 2019)

The secret to vigorous health is raising your immunity. The Sanctuary provides the solution.

Vaccinations (March 2019)

Vaccinations are a crutch for the weak. Separate those people from us now.

The protein challenge (February 2019)

Diversity has brought us a new bounty of sustainable protein. We should embrace this new resource.

The River of Tomorrow (January 2019)

Many among us celebrate our end in sacred ways. The river provides that path for many.


Bacteriophages (December 2018)

MRSA is coming for us all. Sanctuary technology can be the breakthrough.

Guarding The Sanctuary (November 2018)

Driving the Pigs from our Sanctuary gives us the freedom to protect us with people who really care.

Felons Should Vote (October 2018)

It is our right and duty living in America — citizen, Undocumented Citizen, or detainee — to vote.

Soy is the Answer (September 2018)

Soy is the future. It requires the least water and yet can be grown to provide everything from protein to milk for our children

Soon, the world! (August 2018)

France can be our model for building a stable and diverse Sanctuary.

Vaping for Productivity (July 2018)

We must increase the productivity of the Sanctuary to become the powerhouse we can be. Vaping is a path to increased productivity in so many novel ways.

Bay Seals (June 2018)

Indigenous Americans can support their traditions and add a novel protein source to our diets.

Choice for All (May 2018)

Being Pro Choice must include Self Choice. The freedom to choose includes you.

Glowing Tattoos (April 2018)

Make a statement. Anyone can have a tattoo. It’s time to take it all to the next level.